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Genealogy Wagemans (branch Holtum-Born) – text 

Genealogy Wagemans (branch Holtum-Born) – graphical

Ancestors Maria Wilhelmina Elisabeth (Mia) Wagemans – text

Ancestors Maria Wilhelmina Elisabeth (Mia) Wagemans – graphical


This page lists the pedigree (descendants) of Petrus Wagemans, born in Holtum, a village in the municipality of Born, in the (Dutch) province of Limburg, around 1620.

Petrus was alderman of the municipality of Born. Eight generations later his descendant Wilhelmus Gerardus Hendrikus (Willy) Wagemans, also held this position.

The family name Wagemans translates as “Carriage Mans”. The letter “s” at the end, represents “son of”. Therefore Wagemans is the name for the son of a coachman.

The origins of this family lie with the first Wageman, who worked as a freight driver for the Abbey of Tongeren in the 14th century.

There is a family crest with three wagon wheels. That is rather peculiar for a family of simple origin. Most likely it was a gift from the monks of Tongeren to the Wagemans family

A lot of archives have been lost in Holtum due to a church fire in the past. Therefore it has not (yet) been possible to make a connection with the Wagemans family before 1600.